Lauren Eaves ’18 and Scott Diekema ’19 have been featured on Innovate Carolina’s podcast On the Heels of Innovation.

From the episode description:

“What does it take to launch a student venture? How do you balance schoolwork with other interests? What ensures a good transition in leadership as students move on to jobs and careers? Learn these answers and more as The Meantime Coffee Company co-founders talk what it takes to establish, run and sustain a student-led coffee shop.

“Inspired by the idea that UNC faculty and students should have a way of spending money on campus that goes directly back to the campus, co-founders Lauren Eaves and Scott Diekema share insights into creating, launching and running this popular, campus coffee shop. Learn how The Meantime motivates its team to meet the mission and vision of the organization, all while creating professional development for students.

“Hear personal stories, lessons learned and how they used challenges and roadblocks to make an impact on campus and beyond.”


Pictured above: The Meantime Coffee Company co-founders (L-R): Scott Diekema ’19, Keegan McBride, and Lauren Eaves ’18

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